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PHP Web Development
We go further than your average company by producing and developing tailored systems that meet your requirement, forget wordpress and think bigger.
MySQL Database
We create robust, functioning and intelligent systems that are matched to your ambition for your website development. Using MySQL we get the results that you want and need to expand your business.
Mobile Ready Website
All of our web developments at Surrey Web Design are tested on the latest mobile devices and come completely mobile ready as standard with any of our developments.
HTML5 Web Design
The web has evolved and HTML5 is the only way to build websites now, we do not work with java applets or flash and produce sites that are responsive and built to last.
Surrey Web Development Pc
Do you want to upgrade your existing website and don't know where to start? Talk with us!
Surrey Web Design
Web Design in Surrey
We have lived and worked in Surrey for 10 years and been providing local web developments and multi national in that time. With our offices located in Sutton we can provide consultation at your location or ours.
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We understand the importance of getting your specification right and the quotation and consultation for your website is an important part of that process ... take advantage of our free quotation for web design in Surrey today.
Our prices start from £399
Depending on your requirement and needs, you can get a website from as low as £399.00
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Web Design in Surrey

Having a professionally designed website is a key to the success of any online business. While there are several tutorials, software programs and do-it-yourself websites that you can use for your business, nothing can outweigh the importance of a professional web design service. Apart from setting your business apart, this will also boost your business' brand in the World Wide Web.

We produce new sites and can take your web design concept and turn it into a reality so that you can finally start thinking about financial independence. We additionally can manage your entire marketing and search engine optimization program to better place you in the world so your constumers see you.
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Website Design Relationship
Do you want a website built for your business in Surrey?

Creating unique website designs

You may have an existing business that requires a website designed or it might just be an idea that you have had about a revolutionary new website you wish to launch, well, no matter the circumstance we can help you create your website to the maximum of it's potential.

Our whole company approach is that when we build your website and launch, that's the start of the relationship, we look to work with you for years to come to get the best out of your newly created website.

Our focus when developing websites is always on making a unique website that gains traction with the intended end user.
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Our Team
Our Web Team
We have a team of ten employees across many different skill sets ready to work with you on what you need, whether it be Web Design, Content, Marketing, Server Management, Web Systems or SEO we can task our team to work with you to get the results you want in a speedy and professional manner a long with providing you with a dedicated account manager to handle your daily needs.
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The English county of Surrey is one of the most beautiful places to experience Britain's heritage.
Customers know what they want, and we know how to deliver ...

Professional Web Design for Surrey

While every web designer may have a different approach when it comes to building a website, they all have a common checklist. There are those common features every customer would want on their website, in our experience dealing with our own customers we noted that Professional Web Design, Uniqueness and Security rank the highest on the want list.

When it comes to web design, professionalism is everything; it can make or even break the whole thing. Many at times, a sensible web design that maintains an attractive layout will always see people visiting it. Most customers know this and that why they will advocate for a simple and professional web site that comes with a balanced distribution of content and graphics. Plus, the use of contrasting colors and clear fonts, and sizes is key.
Surrey Web Designer
Friendly Web Design Surrey
We create websites that are easy to use no matter the size

Clear and user friendly navigation

Ask any one who already has a website and they will all they you the best web design must contain an easy to navigate scheme that allows visitors to find the information needed fast and without any problem.

Those very important links must be easy to find and include easy-to-understand labels. It does not even stop there; customers who know their website will contain a plethora of content would also want to see a search on their page to make is easy and faster to reach more specific pages within a website.

Uniqueness and credibility

This actually touches on the overall design, content and product if it is a business website. A dull and not so interesting site can be a huge turn off. This explains the reason why customer would always want a unique and eye catching website. As if that is not even enough; web design customers will also look out for their credibility.

When they are having their websites built, they want the designer to include a dedicated contact page, physical address and phone number. This is paramount for when visitors see this kind of information, they will make the decision to trust you.

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The securtity of your website is of utmost importance

Website Security

When it comes to the world of web, security is king; visitors and readers especially those who subscribe to new information or products from your website want to be sure that all personal information provided to your will be protected and stay confidential and not be sold to third parties.

This means SSL security if you are selling products. In short, the security of your users and subscribers must be protected at all times. At the end, while there are a lot of important components web design customers would want to see on their sites, knowing it is secure and out of harms way brings a lot of peace of mind.
Website Sever Security
Surrey Dedicated Hosting
Are you looking for someone in Surrey to manage your dedicated server?

Server Management in Surrey

Not only do we produce ground breaking web designs in Surrey, we can also managed and help with your server management of any dedicated servers you may have. We find that sometimes companies grow fast and increase exponentially meaning your current team cannot keep up the pace with your growth ... this is where we come in giving you the help and understanding to your existing dedicated server setup.

We have helped 100s of companies manage new and existing server configurations and understand why Linux and Windows servers sometimes appear to fail. If you need server management in Surrey then get in touch by calling 028 25 022 229.
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