4 Key Principles Of Good Web Development

Any project that entails creativity as a discipline needs to be carried out in a lucid set of modules which operate within good practices and principles for the project to be a success. As a creative entity, the Internet would lose its floss if it were not for good web development which has evolved over time. Its governing principles were birthed out of the common challenges that the practitioners in the industry face.

Project management cuts across all disciplines and the principles applied to ensure success are more or less the same. Here are 4 key principles that front end web developers have applied in their projects.

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Visuals are your greatest arsenal

There are different types of design each with its own working ethics. Web design as current and complex as it may seem is one of 21st century baby in visual arts. Each step the user takes is guided by the amount of information held within the visual scope. While navigating through good web design the user ought to be guided around the screen by the designer. The process of guiding the eye through visuals is what most designers call precedence. Precedence also deals with the amount of visual weight carried by the different parts of your design. 5 design tools that help achieve good precedence are position, color, contrast, size and design elements.

Give life to your website

Design is all about creating something to go live and alive. A good designer’s main goal is to ensure that the design speaks volumes to the end user without deterring its original concept. The content whether written or inform of graphics should be current, high quality and interesting. One thing to avoid in web development is creating a boring website which is as good as dead.

Explain yourself

Guiding the user from one step to another with the visuals can be challenging if and when there are high chances of losing the user with volumes and volumes of information. While planning for the project, you need to get all your facts right and organize them in a coherent sequence. The tools you will use to present your facts also need to be well researched and presented in an appealing manner.

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Avoid repetition

Web development is anchored upon creativity and repetition if not necessary discredits the whole idea. Practicing the art more often will sharpen your skills and make you more articulate. To some level you can break the rules and try something new within the boundaries.