The Advantages of Mobile Ready Website

A mobile ready website is an approach to coding and laying out of a site in such a way that it can provide ideal viewing experience, ease of navigation, and reading as well as allow minimum resizing, scrolling and panning on a broad range of devices. It is crucial to make your site mobile ready so as to permit access to your site from any device.

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It provides a splendid user experience. Web sites with easy mobile navigation have made it possible for consumers to access digital information regardless of whether they are using desktops or mobile devices. Users can access these sites at any time using devices of their preferences and choices. These websites ensure that you accommodate professionals engaged in their regular jobs during the day and also the college student who need something from your site at all time.

It is cost-effective. Having a website that can be accessed by every web enabled device is affordable compared to having two websites. Instead of having to create two sites (one solely designed for desktops and the other for mobile devices), you can save money by creating a website that will cater for both. Sites that are accessible through mobile devices feature advanced navigation techniques that are not available on traditional sites. Having two websites will demand users for increased maintenance requirements, adding to the overall cost. Having two websites may also inconvenience your clients making them check out the competitor’s website.

Google highly recommends mobile ready websites. With Google having the highest percentage of search market share of 67%, when they prescribe something, people do listen. Google supports mobile ready websites due to their unique configuration. Mobile-ready sites contain one URL and same HTML regardless of the device being used. This makes it easier for Google to index, crawl and organize content. Google also prefers these sites since the content on these websites can be easily be shared by users.

It improves your SEO. Mobile-ready sites have one URL that can be easily updated and also it makes it easy to optimize your website content. Having a desktop website and mobile website will lead to you having duplicate content that will not work well with consolidated search engine optimization strategy. It will also make it difficult for Google to crawl on your website pages.

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It pushes you one step ahead of your competitors. In this 21st century, a significant number of people are purchasing products from online stores. Acquiring a mobile ready site will enable you to grasp a substantial number of clients who are increasingly using mobile devices to buy products online. These will put you a step ahead of those competitors that are reluctant of embracing this new technology.