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Webdesign development is perhaps the best strategy of achieving a milestone development in your business. There are two basic ways of building a website, the first being the use of a template and off the shelf system such as wordpress, and the second is by embracing tailored or rather custom web design strategy.

Both methods are good depending on your web objectives and goals, however, striking the difference between these two basic methods can be very hectic, particularly if you are planning to build a website for your new business. The best way to choose the method that suits you when it comes to building your website is by learning the benefits of each route.
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  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Standard CMS
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Advanced Site

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  • Web Hosting
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Tailored CMS
  • Introductory SEO

Custom Detail

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Have a more unique website requirement?

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Advanced SEO Package
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The benefits of a tailored web design
So far, there are several benefits for going for tailored web design over something like Wordpress. Some of these benefits include the following:

Adaptability / customization

One of the major things that you should prioritize while establishing your business website is off course adaptability and a good and reliable website should have a component for adaptability allowing you to incorporate all your needs and well as those of your clients. When it comes to adaptability, then tailored web design takes it all with the design allowing you to integrate every aspect of whatever you wish to present to your potential customers.

Other development process such as Wordpress cannot be fully customized and thus easily out-competed by tailored web design and backend system.
Tailored Web Design
Creative Web Design In Surrey
Creative web designers
Unlike off the shelf content management systems, a tailored web design facilitates creativity enabling proper scalability, security, functionality and even manageability.

Have a bespoke web development platform is appropriate for large business solutions enabling loads of choice to both web developers and designers. It is an exquisitely unique design that enables virtually everyone to make a rich-feature and innovative website that fulfills your needs and requirements.

Tailored web design has many benefits to both web designers and web developers that will perhaps meet your needs much faster and easier.
Website compatibility and responsiveness
In this day and age it's unacceptable to not have a website that isn't responsive or compatible with browsers.

For a world where different platforms and browsers can now be used to view the world of web, building a website that can be viewed through these different platforms is now more crucial than never before.

It is because of this web design customers are always on the look out for a design that can easily render on various screen sizes, resolution and browsers. Plus, with the use of mobile now skyrocketing, customers would also want a website that function properly on mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design Surrey
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Web Design and Systems

We can provide you with a wealth of systems and information, with all said and reviewed we have worked in over 30 different industries and produced over 80 different types of systems in the past decade.

We can help you by providing Click Tracking, Image Galleries, News Publishing, Error Handling, Music Libraries, Vertical Markets, URL Submitters, Chat Scripts, Randomizing, Interactive Stories, Email Systems, Link Checking, Blog, Link Indexing, Counters, Security Systems, FAQ / Knowledgebase, Match Making, Web Hosting Tools, Documents, Software Repository, Classified Ads, File Manipulation, Date / Time, Quote Display, Text Processing, Organizers, Portal Systems, Site Mapping, Zip Code Locators, Website Builders, Web Search, Countdowns, Plugins, Modules and Add-ons, Calculators, Real Estate, Exchanges, Top Sites, Server Management, Web Traffic Analysis, Clone Scripts, Content Management, Site Navigation, Networking Tools, E-Commerce, Web Fetching, Customer Support, Image Handling, Redirection, Wikis, Discussion Boards, Games / Entertainment, Financial Tools , Database Tools, Multi-Level Marketing, Miscellaneous, Tests / Quizzes, Education, Ad Management, Polls / Voting, WYSIWYG Editors, Contests / Awards, Site Recommendation, Social Networking, Mailing List Managers, Bookmark Management, Groupware Tools, Virtual Communities, Reviews / Ratings, User Authentication, Guestbooks, Calendars, User Management, Affiliate Programs, Form Processors, Auctions, Communication Tools, XML / PHP, Graphs / Charts, Healthcare, Web Rings and Development Tools.

Nobody in Surrey has worked on more industries in web design and system development than u, meaning that we can bring a wealth of experience and expterise in every single product line that was listed above.
Web Development Services List
Content Management System Surrey
Are you looking for Content Management system support?

Content Management Systems

At Surrey Web Design we produce our own tailored systems but as have experience in every off the shelf system available. While we produce tailored and unique systems that meet our customers needs, we do have a support service to help you if you are having issues with any content management system.

We can offer support to help fix or expand any of the following content management systems such as Jamroom, SPIP, Prestashop, Nucleus CMS, MediaWiki, ATutor, Habari, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Dotclear, CMS Made Simple, PHP-Nuke, GetSimple CMS, Novius OS, Known, Drupal, PmWiki, Directus, PivotX, Pixie (CMS), Phire CMS, MODX, phpWebLog, papaya CMS, pimcore, eZ Platform, Contao, Geeklog, phpWiki, SilverStripe, OctoberCMS, Wolf CMS, CMSimple, Mambo, SMW , pH7CMS, Exponent CMS, TYPO3, concrete5, XOOPS, b2evolution, Textpattern, Composr CMS, Kajona, Moodle, eZ Publish, Pluck, Midgard CMS, WordPress, Backdrop CMS, ImpressCMS, Magento, Joomla!, MiaCMS, Serendipity, ImpressPages, DokuWiki and Xaraya,
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